Utah Slope Series #1 - Northern Slopes

Utah Slope Series #1 - Northern Slopes

People are lazy. And for Ogden-area skiers, that’s great news.

Lazy people ski where they are. Everyone living in or flying to SLC heads to the local resorts (~30 minutes). Or maybe they hump it over Parleys to Park City (~40).

Somehow the extra 20 minutes it takes to drive into the Great White North weeds out the masses, leaving the sloping drifts relatively untrammeled atSnowbasin, Powder Mountain, Beaver Mountain and Nordic Val— err, Wolf Mount— err, Nordic Valley. Sorry to ruin your secret, Weber County riders, but your mountains are just too good to keep to yourself.
Local Tip -
Powder Mountain never fakes it. Its snow is real, and it’s spectacular. Though it’s a little more work, they’d prefer that instead of “groomers,” you call them “I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-butters.


Eat spot-on family-friendly Tex-Mex at Carlos & Harley’s, a hyphen-heavy sports bar & grill in Eden, Utah. Everything tastes better in a building built in the 19th Century.

Ogden–northward has lots of great hotel options for skiers of any budget. If you hitchhiked from the airport, stay cheap and cozy. If skiing is the only time you're not carried around by servants, stay fancy. Whoever you are...

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